About Us

Our highly successful company has its roots and core values forged by Mr Clive Bakos.

Mr Bakos started the Kenbert Warehousing and Transport company in the early 80’s with a single bakkie. With a lot of hard work, persistence and sheer determination to succeed he ensured that Kenbert Warehousing and Transport would become a highly regarded name in the Road Freight industry.

Mr Bakos passed on his company to his children who share his passion for hard work and dedication to what they do. Between them they have over 32 years of road freight experience. This ensures that a load entrusted to Kenbert Warehousing and Transport will reach its destination safely and on time, no matter what your long distance transport needs are.

Operating from Wadeville in Germiston, our company is perfectly situated for your Warehousing needs and can quickly dispatch your goods to where you or your clients need it most.

To achieve our vision we commit to:

• Complying with each customer's individual needs by supplying them with a custom-made service that will add value to their logistical operations.

• Operating effectively and efficiently to ensure that our valued customers receive high quality service at the lowest reasonable cost.

Core Values

The following values are instrumental in achieving our goals:

• Integrity - We guarantee a truthful, honest and professional business relationship.

• Innovation - We will supply the best solution through innovation.

• Improvement - We will continually assess our performance.

• Punctuality - We commit to on-time scheduled deliveries with communicated delays for unforeseen situations via telecom / email.

• Reliability - We will deliver a quality and dependable service.

Kenbert Warehousing and Transport is currently strategizing a plan to expand further by increasing its fleet, due to the amount of work and other contracts that are being offered by existing and various new clients.


Kenbert Warehousing & Transport CC has, over the years, established itself as a reputable and very reliable break bulk / general Cargo carrier that offers a superior service to its clients. During the past few years Kenbert Warehousing & Transport CC has been doing continuous monthly business with listed companies and other Blue Chip Companies.

Vehicles and Equipment

Currently, there are 60 vehicles in operation and the fleet consists of Freightliners, Volvos, Isuzus, Toyotas, Scanias, etc. 48 x Tautliner Superlinks and 12 x 8 ton Tautliners. The fleet travels in excess of 12 million kilometres per annum, and every vehicle is monitored 24 hours around the clock by very well trained staff.

All vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking units and management systems, all of which are employed to ensure that personnel knows where every vehicle is at any given time of the day or night.

Vehicles are also monitored on performance and utilization, and fuel consumption is of utmost importance to any Transport Operator. All vehicles are equipped with the latest technology, and information can be drawn at any time for reference to any crisis that may arise. All vehicles are fitted with Drive-cam and this is monitored on a daily basis.

Our Road Fleet

At Kenbert Warehousing and Transport we have a formidable road fleet of trucks to get all your goods from point A to point B safely. With our wide selection of trucks we are the experts on moving FMCG (fast moving consumer goods).

Security on our Trucks and Trailers

All of our super-link trucks have state of the art tracking systems that are monitored 24 hours a day. From an operational point of view the loads are monitored every two hours after loading has taken place, until the vehicle has reached its final destination. These reports can also be sent on to our clients on request.

We also add extra security to your fast moving consumer goods by having safety webbing installed to our truck tarps, which virtually eliminates the effects of slash and grab robberies. (This is a specially created stainless steel webbing that is applied to the inside of the tarp which cannot be cut by conventional means.)

Fleet Maintenance and Policies

Our road fleet is maintained to the highest industry standards and subjected to all tests and servicing requirements set up by the manufacturers and local authorities.All of our drivers have the correct personal protection equipment to fulfill all of your health and safety requirements when we are on your premises.We also have a Goods-in-Transit Policy in place, for your peace of mind.

Loading and Off-loading of Consignment

Drivers employed by the company are very competent, in regards to loading and offloading procedures of their vehicles. All staff members are well trained in the do’s and don’ts and will report any problem that may arise immediately.


Every driver, when applying for employment with the company, is put through a stringent employment program where the drivers are fully screened on ID numbers, criminal checks, ITC checks etc. Drivers are trained in all aspects of transport and safety, which are of utmost importance to us.

Operations and Management

All operations and management are based at our head offices in Wadeville, Germiston, and are handled by an energetic team of highly qualified people. We believe that through training and motivation, we can achieve a more productive and efficient team of people, from the Top Management through to the drivers and cleaning personnel.

Management through to the drivers and cleaning personnel.

Operations personnel will effectively speak to every driver at least three times per day, to ensure that the drivers know what is expected of them and where to go. The drivers will report any crisis in operations and if need be, immediate action can be taken to ensure that the customer is informed of the current situation or crisis, and how it will be resolved, with unnecessary delays and damage.


All of the Drivers in the fleet are equipped with cellular telephones, to ensure that contact is kept with every driver and vehicle at all times. Our satellite tracking system is monitored from our offices on a 24 hour basis, and we update our customers on a daily basis, where any of their loads are.

Our Suppliers



These American trucks have shown to be reliable, efficient and worth having in our fleet and still perform as a solid base. Freightliner was also the first truck in South Africa to offer air conditioning and ABS as standard. They are rugged trucks and can withstand our harsh conditions. That is why we are still using Freightliner trucks.


Volvo, our newest supplier, is yet another Swedish truck. This is truly a Viking of a truck with everything a client could want : Power, Efficientcy and Comfort. All your goods will be delivered on time and with the highest of standards. Volvo, welcome to the Kenbert Family.




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13 Commercial Rd, Wadeville, Germiston, 1422